Governor Christie – Today You Are Right


Governor Christie, today you speak for all of us in your shout-out to President Obama and FEMA Administrator Fugate.

For my part, I admit I’m grateful we are not living in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s America, not just for my own sake here in New York but for the sake of New Jerseyans and citizens of so many other states affected by Hurricane Sandy. As you know, Romney and Ryan have made it abundantly clear that they believe the federal government has no place in protecting us from disaster, or in helping us to rebuild in the aftermath when disaster comes despite our best efforts.

I wish Romney and Ryan would take a long, thoughtful look at that flag on their lapels. Despite their claims to the contrary, we are in fact the United States of America. Our current president understands that.

To paraphrase John Sununu, I call on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to learn to be Americans. In the meantime, let’s work to re-elect President Obama.