Advance look at 2014 globalFEST lineup


Baloji (Congo/Belgium)
Afropolitan rumba rapper

The Bombay Royale (India/Australia) (US debut)
Technicolor Bollywood big-band pop

Brushy One String (Jamaica) (NY debut)
Infectious Jamaican single-string guitarist

Como Mamas (Mississippi)
Soulful A cappella gospel trio

DakhaBrakha (Ukraine)
Subversive Ukrainian punk-folk

Fanfare Ciocarlia (Romania)
Blazing Gypsy brass legends

Hassan Hakmoun (Morocco/NY)
North African Gnawa trance master

KiT (Kuenta i Tambu) (Curaçao/Netherlands)
Dutch-Antillian global bass dance beats

Noura Mint Seymali (Mauritania)
Mauritanian Desert soul

Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta (Arizona)
Mambo mexicano and indie cumbia

The Wu-Force featuring Abigail Washburn, Kai Welch and Wu Fei
(Tennessee/China) (NY debut)
Appalachian-Chinese avant-folk

Yasmine Hamdan (Beirut/Paris)
Post modern Parisian pop via Beirut underground

Remove David Koch from Board of Trustees at WGBH


The Koch Brothers have sacrificed the noble values of the Republican Party and our democracy on the altar of their ambition to turn the United States into a Saudi-style “oil-igarchy”.  (I’m a progressive Democrat, but my dear departed grandmother taught me a thing or two about the necessity for a credible conservative opposition for the proper functioning of the Republic.)

With their founding and fueling of the Tea Party, the Koch brothers have led the GOP into an autocratic and disastrous US government shutdown and threatened credit default, making our nation a questionable bet around the world.

I say it’s time to start standing up to the Koch’s mischief, starting with this petition to WGBH in Boston: Remove David Koch from Board of Trustees at WGBH

Who knows, we may even find a replacement for their dirty money to New York’s Lincoln Center, so decent people no longer have to slink under the Koch name to enjoy the New York City Ballet and other events at the New York State Theater.

And may the GOP overcome its Koch-fueled takeover by traitorous know-nothings and once again elect informed, intelligent citizen patriots who can make government work.