Berlinale Forum 2011 – Amnistia


Amnistia | Amnesty

Director: Bujar Alimani

Albania, Greece, France 2011


Cast: Luli Bitri (Elsa), Karafil Shena (Shpetim), Todi Llupi (Remzi). Mirela Naska (Maya), Alaksander Rrapi (Fredy)


In his debut feature film, Bujar Alimani depicts the life of a woman and a man in today’s Albania, marked by unemployment, economic hardship and tribal/patriarchal social structures.

Recently sacked textile workers line up to collect their payoffs from new foreign owners, fishermen starve while working for multinational corporations. Humiliation is the norm.

As a condition for entering the EU, Albania introduces conjugal visits to its prison system. A man and a woman come together, their spouses both in custody, their monthly visits for sexual contact more like animal husbandry than human lovemaking. Foul bed in a dark room. Carry your own sheets.

Everybody in this society feels the cold.

For a brief moment, a middle-aged pair revitalize themselves through love, but then there is a general amnesty and love dies. “Morality struggles with passion and there’s a high price to pay.”

“Auteur films can make a difference in countries with a low economic level. Poor countries often provide themes and human models for outstanding subjects.“

Luli Bitri, Karafil Shena, and Mirela Naska must not be missed. As must not this film.

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