Berlinale Forum 2011 – Dom


Dom | The House

Director: Zuzana Liová

Slovak Republic, Czech Republic 2011

Cast: Judit Bárdos (Eva), Miroslav Krobot (Imrich), Marián Mitaš (Jakub), Taťjana Medvecká (Viera), Lucia Jašková (Jana), Marek Geišberg (Milan), Ester Geislerová (Hana)

Eva is the jewel of the village. Church organist, smartest student in the high school. Altogether, too beautiful, too smart for this place.

Money is a problem. When Eva takes a bath, her father Imrich asks “Who’s going to pay for all that water?”

But it isn’t just money. “Why not just take a leash and tie her to the house?” her mother Viera asks him, in frustration.

Imrich is building Eva a house, stealing bricks from the house he started building for Eva’s older sister Jana, who he has broken with, after she got herself involved with a man in the village with whom she now has three children. (Long-held family grudges.)

Neighbors used to help in this work, but now they want money. Money is changing the society, challenging the absolute rule of patriarchy. So Imrich relies on Eva to help him build her house, a prison.

Surprise – no one is as they seem.

The cast is superb. Judit Bárdos makes an indelible, luminous film debut.

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