Berlinale Forum 2011 – Osmdesát dopisu | Eighty Letters


Osmdesát dopisu | Eighty Letters
Director: Václav Kadrnka
Czech Republic 2011
Cast: Zuzana Lapčíková, Martin Pavluš, Gerald Turner, Andrea Miltner, Martin Vrtáček, Radoslav Šopík, František Březík, Vlastimil Homola, Hana Březíková, Katze Oskar

The most gorgeous, luminous film I’ve seen this year. Every shot is a masterpiece. A film essay on the interface of aesthetics and humanity, composition and the human experience.

A boy searches for his mother in the early morning commute. Mother and son want to go to the UK to reunite with the father who has emigrated there ahead of them.

A lesson in attentive observation. A most closely observed sound design. The scratching of a pen.

A mother’s perfectly organized file. “If they throw me out one door, I’ll come in another.”

Two brilliant actors playing mother and son, maestro Zuzana Lapčíková and the genius Martin Pavluš. Re-creating the great silent film actors. Falconetti.

Two moments of score as the past comes alive – Arvo Pärt. Accompanying old classroom photo, and letters the two read together.

“It’s always the details that take roots in your memory, never the whole.”

Re-creation of documents and journal must have been a formidable task.

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