Dreileben – New York Film Festival 2011


Saturday 1 October
1 PM, Walter Reade Theater
Dreileben (Parts 1-3)

  • Part One: Beats Being Dead (Etwas Besseres als den Tod) Christian Petzold | 2011 | Germany | 88m
  • Part Two: Don’t Follow Me Around (Komm mir nicht nach) Dominik Graf | 2011 | Germany | 88m
  • Part Three: One Minute of Darkness (Eine Minute Dunkel) Christoph Hochhäusler | 2011 | Germany | 88m

Cast includes: Stefan Kurt (Molesch); Eberhard Kirchberg (Marcus Kreil); Jeanette Hain (Johanna, Jo); Jacob Matschenz (Johannes); Luna Mijovic (Ana); Paraschiva Dragus (Cleo); Vijessna Ferkic (Sara); Susanne Wolff (Vera); Misel Maticevic (Bruno)

Music: Stefan Will, Sven Rossenbach, Florian van Volxem, Bert Wrede

The unreliability of appearances

“What interests me in cinema is the seduction to pay attention.”

Born from e-mail correspondence between three auteurs of the Berlin School of German cinema, this trilogy revolves around the escape of a convicted sex murderer from a hospital in a small town in “the green heart of Germany,” Thuringia, a mythical region full of legends and superstition.

The project originated with a mis-remembered Schiller tale of a man who is fleeing and becomes the monster who is being sought, combined with a documentary about an anticolonial Chilean terrorist who remains a child to commit terrible acts while remaining an innocent.

Conflicting reports of a crime make for “compulsively watchable films make for generous entertainment and a fascinating exercise in the polymorphous possibilities of storytelling.”

Equal parts fairy tale, homage to Universal horror movies (Invisible Man, Frankenstein, Wolf Man), and skillful crime procedural, Dreileben is an absolute delight.

Beats Being Dead (Etwas Besseres als den Tod)
pedal on violin
blue – clinical
wald krankenhaus dreileben
filthy, stinky homeless woman
young hospital nurse
increasing presence of police
motorcycle gang
photo fellatio
ana attacked
molesch ran away
escapee killed a girl?
cry me a river
translate and dance
romance and english lessons
the lonely, exposed walk from hotel to hospital
the boss’s daughter
who is the murderer?
hints of incest, ambiguous ending

Don’t Follow Me Around (Komm mir nicht nach)
saturated colors
the woman from the elevator
Jo – a psychologist consulting on the hunt for the mad killer
Patrik, who was dating two women at the same time in Munich, 15 years ago
human stories around a manhunt
tourists hunting for Barbarossa
nosy neighbors
police corruption
hunt for the killer was a ruse, but Jo stays on
red and yellow
mannerist sculpture – capture of the fugitive
the mysterious origins of children

One Minute of Darkness (Eine Minute Dunkel)
transporting the prisoner
molech’s dead mother
the secret door, left open
fast-paced pursuit
from the perspective of the monster
Wagner’s Thuringen
Babarossa tourism
and local cops
the old murder
descent into feral condition
tourists hear the legend of witch burnings, and tales of witches capturing hikers; he also hears
the night fog fills the cave
how long does it take to become an animal, living outdoors
pursued like a monster from an old Universal horror movie
the police chain advances
hiding in smaller and smaller spaces
extremely resourceful in escape
the chief investigator has a bum ticker and family troubles
the three films do not line up chronologically; rashoman
the closed up house, Molech’s childhood home
sleeping in a hunters’ blind, the man has uncanny luck
one minute of darkness
universal horror films – the police chain after the invisible man, frankenstein’s monster and the little girl, the wolf man

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