Et Maintenant, On Va Où? – New Directors/New Films 2012


Et Maintenant, On Va Où? | Where Do We Go Now?
Director: Nadine Labaki
Music: Khaled Mouzanar
Cast: Claude Baz Moussawbaa (Takla), Leyla/Layla Hakim (Afaf), Nadine Labaki (Amale), Yvonne Maalouf (Yvonne), Antoinette Noufaily (Saydeh), Julian Farhat (Rabih), Ali Haidar (Roukoz), Kevin Abboud (Nassim), Petra Saghbini (Rita), Mostafa Al Sakka (Hammoudi), Sasseen Kawzally (Issam), Caroline Labaki (Aïda), Anjo Rihane (Fatmeh), Mohammad Aqil/Akil (Abou Ahmad) (as Mohammad Akil), Gisèle Smeden (Gisèle)
France/Lebanon/Italy/Egypt, 2010

21 March 2012, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

In a poetic-choreographic opening sequence, women in black – half in hajib, half wearing crosses – march to a cemetery divided into two based on faith.

A remote mountain village relies on two boys who make a dangerous trek over a broken bridge and through combat zones to supply the villagers with newspapers and goods, and who with their friends brave landmines to find a signal for nightly open-air telecasts of soap operas and news broadcasts.

War is breaking out between Muslims and Christians all over Lebanon, and the women of the village collaborate to prevent war from taking root in their homes.

Working with a village ensemble of more than a hundred non-professional actors and a troupe of Ukrainian exotic dancers, Nadine Labaki expertly portrays multilayered human relationships across faiths and cultures.

Labaki maintains a balance between comedy and tragedy, aided by charming musical numbers, lifting the film from local polemic to universal fable.

What would you do, to stop war?

Lebanon’s nomination for the foreign-film Oscar, Et Maintenant, On Va Où? premiered at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and won the People’s Choice Award (Best Narrative Feature) at the Toronto International Film Festival (2011).

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Update: US Distributor – Sony Pictures Classics (2012)