Habiter / Construire – Berlinale Forum 2012


Habiter/Construire (Living/Building)
Director: Clémence Ancelin
France, 2012

14 February, Delphi Filmpalast (European Premier)

A French company is building an asphalt road in the “desert” of Chad.

We open and close on a night campfire, meeting a good-looking people, skilled, well adapted to their land.

“I don’t give a damn about the road. It can help the country perhaps, but it means nothing to me… I know every tree by heart. I follow the trails… The boy who keeps our herd is five years old. No one worries about him.”

Faster is not better. If we were wise, we would learn from these Chadean nomads and put an end to our destruction. Can we not?

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