Here and There | Aquí y Allá


Here and There | Aquí y Allá
Antonio Méndez Esparza 2012
North American Premiere
Series: NYFF50: Main Slate
Venue: Francesca Beale Theater
2 October 2012

Cast: Pedro De los Santos Juárez, Teresa Ramírez Aguirre, Lorena Pantaleón Vázquez, Heidi Solano Espinoza, Angel De los Santos Leyva

Winner of the Grand Prize at 2012 Critics Week in Cannes.

“Aquí” – a village in the Guerrero region of Mexico – home to Pedro and Teresa and their teen-age daughters Lore and Heidi. “Allá” – the United States, where Pedro works for years, returning home to find his wife steadfast but his daughters older and wary, though they warm to him as they cherish everyday moments together as a family.

“A story about hope, and the memories and loss of what we leave behind.”

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Update: US Distributor – Torch Films (2012)