Histórias Que Só Existem Quando Lembradas | Found Memories – New Directors/New Films 2012


Director: Julia Murat
Writers: Julia Marat, Maria Clara Escobar, Felipe Sholl
Music: Lucas Marcier
Cast: Sônia Guedes, Lisa E. Fávero, Luiz Serra, Josias Ricardo Merkin, Antonio Dos Santos
Brazil, 2011

25 March 2012, Walter Reade Theater, NYC

A symphony of silences, rich with distant thunder and the sound of the forest. A palpable sense of heavy atmosphere and exquisite attention to the innumerable details of daily life in a fictive village of eleven elderly people who have forgotten how to die.

Madalena bakes bread. Antonio prepares the coffee. At midmorning the church bells ring, summoning the villagers to mass and they all share a midday meal together.

One day, Rita, a city girl, arrives looking for a place to stay. Initially reticent, the townsfolk gradually open up to her, sharing their stories and allowing themselves to be photographed.

What does it mean to be free? Be surprised.

Pinhole photography like you have never seen. Quito is the artist. Guy Madden would flip.

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Update: US Distributor – Film Movement (2012)