L’exercice de L’État | The Minister – New Directors/New Films 2012


Writer/Director: Pierre Schöller
Cast: Olivier Gourmet, Michel Blanc, Sylvain Deblé, Zabou Breitman
France, 2011

25 March 2012, Walter Reade Theater, NYC

Dreaming of a beautiful woman crawling into an alligator’s maw à la Helmut Newton, Transport Minister Bernard Saint-Jean (Olivier Gourmet) is jolted awake by a 2 a.m. call from his right-hand man Gilles (Michel Blanc) that propels him to the scene of a fatal bus crash in the mountains. Hours later, still shaken by the experience, Saint-Jean tags along uninvited to the trailer home of a chaumeur inconnu (Sylvain Deblé) hired by his staff so his regular driver can go on parental leave for a month.

Bookended by two horrific, senseless accidents, L’exercice de L’État explores human isolation via a nuanced procedural about the internal workings of government.

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