Medicinal Plants in Spain’s Serra de Mariola Natural Park


Traditional knowledge of medicinal plants in the Serra de Mariola Natural Park, South-Eastern Spain

Belda A, Zaragozí B, Belda I, Martínez J, Seva E
Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med
2012 Dec 31;10(2):299-309
PubMed Central: PMC3746577

Researchers from Universidad de Alicante and Intelligent Pharma conducted a study to inventory and analyze the ethnobotanical knowledge about medicinal plants in the Serra de Mariola Natural Park in the southeast region of Spain, in the northern Alicante province and south of the province of Valencia.

Thymus vulgaris
Thymus vulgaris (Source: Wikimedia Commons user Accord Henry Brisse)

The team documented 93 medicinal species reported by local informants, including Lippia triphylla, Thymus vulgaris, Allium roseum, and Erygium campestre. The most repeated therapeutic uses were urological, treatment of wounds and ulcers, and throat diseases.

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