Medicinal Plants Used by the Soren Clan of Bangladesh


Medicinal plants and formulations used by the Soren clan of the Santal tribe in Rajshahi district, Bangladesh for treatment of various ailments

Mohammed Rahmatullah, Abid Hasan, Waheda Parvin, Md Moniruzzaman, Asha Khatun, Zubaida Khatun, Farhana Israt Jahan, and Rownak Jahan
Afr J Tradit Complement Altern Med
2012 Apr 2;9(3):350-9
PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3746673
Rajshahi District, Bangladesh
Rajshahi District, Bangladesh (Source: Wikimedia Commons User Armanaziz adapted by Himalayan Explorer)

Researchers from the University of Development Alternative conducted an ethnomedicinal survey among the Soren clan of the Santal community residing in two villages of Tanor Santal Para in Rajshahi district to collect information on their use of medicinal plants.

The team obtained information on 53 medicinal plants used to treat ailments including skin disorders, respiratory tract disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, sexual dysfunctions, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, helminthiasis, pain, urinary problems, filariasis, leprosy, tuberculosis, epilepsy, snake bite, enlarged heart, and paralysis.

Datura metel
Datura metel (Source: Wikimedia Commons User Shu Suehiro)

Medicinal plants used by the Soren clan include Vanda tessellata, Zingiber officinale, Datura metel, and Justicia adhatoda.

The authors note that “The medicinal plants used by the Santals merit further scientific studies for some of their formulations are used to treat diseases like diabetes, paralysis, enlarged heart, tuberculosis, and filariasis for which modern medicine has no known cure or medicines have developed resistant vectors.”

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