No, She Doesn’t Have Downs Syndrome (NTTAWWT)! – FringeNYC


mislabeledilEMMA: No, I Don’t Have Downs Syndrome – FringeNYC
Abrazo Interno at the Clemente, NYC
Monday, 11 August 2014

Quirky Girl Productions
Writer: Emma McWilliams
Director: Anne Moore
“A quirky girl’s search for identity amidst the confusion of being told she was “disabled.” She faces the issues of discrimination, gender equality, race, religion, and “fitting in” as she tries to understand the Syndrome she was born with spontaneously.”

Emma McWilliams is on a mission from God. Not the scary ISIS/ISIL kind; think more like The Blues Brothers, with a dose of human genetics mixed in.

In her one-woman show at FringeNYC, Ms McWilliams traces the story of a girl born to be one of a kind. Okay, to be literal, 1 in 50,000. (That’s the estimated prevalence of people with mutations in the LMX1B gene that cause nail-patella syndrome.)

But mislabeledilEMMA isn’t just a tale about a girl with a rare genetic condition. It’s the universal coming-of-age story, brought into sharp focus by Ms McWilliams’s experience of genetic rarity, which she has creatively forged into a potent message of compassion for the little alien that lives in many of us, and a powerful critique of the tyranny of normalcy.

Catch mislabeledilEMMA at FringeNYC if you can, and keep a lookout for Emma McWilliams’s other work.