New Directors / New Films: Han Jia | Winter Vacation


Han Jia | Winter Vacation
Writer/Director/Editor: Li Hongqi
Cinematography: Qin Yurui
Music by: Zuoxiao Zuzhou and The Top Floor Circus
Cast: Bai Junjie, Zhang Naqi, Bai Jinfeng, Xie Ying, Wang Hui, Bao Lei, Bai Xiaohong, Zhi Feng, Wu Guoxiong, Jiang Chao
2010. China.

At a rundown housing complex in the snow, three teenage boys debate whether to go to the vegetable market to look at a girl. A young boy begs his grandfather for permission to go outside and play.

Formidable sense of place and character. The desolation of a northern town, expressed in a woolen hat.

Back at school, a teacher enters the wrong class. “How can I be useful to society?” Silence.

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