New Directors/New Films 2013 – Shorts Program 3


ND/NF Shorts Program 3

Santiago Gil | 2013 | Germany | 26m
A father encourages his young son to join him for a swim in a woodland lake. Suddenly the world changes, and everyone around them must question their memories and perceptions as time circles around the central event, defying rational interpretation. “Memories are treacherous, but they are all we have.”

A Cidade (The Village)
Liliana Sulzbach
| 2012 | Brazil | 25m
A few miles from Porto Alegre, a village exists in paradise. Only 35 people live here, all of them over 60, none of whom freely chose to come here.

From the director:

“When I first visited Itapuã in 2007, I had the impression that I was in an idyllic place, a tiny little town that was surrounded by mountains, still untouched, a virgin forest, a little piece of heaven on Earth. Paradoxically, this unique beautiful place hides an unhealed wound that its citizens had trouble revealing…”

We are midway into the film before we find out. Vintage newsreel and photos brilliantly juxtapose with the present.

Para armar un helicóptero (To Put Together a Helicopter)
Izabel Acevedo | 2012 | Mexico | 35m
Mexico City, where summer rains bring power outages to poor neighborhoods that rely on dodgy connections.

Seventeen-year-old Oliverio lives with his mother in a building where apartments house gardens, ducks and chickens along with computers, televisions and phonographs. A raw, original film mixing the dystopian vision of Blade Runner with the promise of teenage passion and communal solidarity. Watch this team for more.