Global cancer burden to double, prevention urged


Thun MJ, DeLancey JO, Center MM, et al. The global burden of cancer: priorities for prevention. Carcinogenesis. 2010 Jan;31(1):100-10. [open access]

Researchers from the American Cancer Society project that cancer deaths will more than double worldwide over the next 20-40 years, with the increase driven largely by growth and aging of populations in economically developing countries, in combination with tobacco use, an increase in obesity and physical inactivity, and prevalent chronic infections.

The authors recommend a number of preventive measures, including strengthened efforts in international
tobacco control and increased availability of vaccines against hepatitis B virus and human papilloma virus, along with “action-oriented translational research to adapt programs that have proven to be effective in high-income countries to every setting in which they are needed.”

A new home, a fresh start


This is the new home for my blogs, which I previously posted at these domains:

I decided to forgo the free blogging platforms and install WordPress directly, which really is the way to go.

For the time being, I’ll post items related to all three blogs here. Over the next weeks and months, I’ll integrate the best content from my old blogs to the resources section of my website at Then I’ll delete the old blogs.

My goal is to improve the integration of new posts on health, art, and social progress as the media evolve. It’s an adventure.