Romance Joe | Ro-Maen-Seu Jo – New Directors/New Films 2012


Writer/Director: Lee Kwang-kuk
Cast: Kim Yeong-pil, Shin Dong-mi, Lee Chae-eun, David Lee, Kim Dong-hyeon, Jo Han-cheol, Ryu Ui-hyeon, Kim Su-ung, Park Hye-jin, Jo Deok-je, Seo Yeong-hwa, Baek Ik-nam, Park Su-min, Bae Dan-hui, Bang Yeong-bae, Lee Dal, Gwak Ja-hyeong, Kim Sae-byeok, Jo Jae-yun
South Korea, 2011

24 March 2012, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

A tabang girl guides a despondent film director down the rabbit hole via a slit wrist, first opened in a lonely suicide attempt in the woods and repeated among a number of protagonists in a brilliant evocation of M.C Escher’s “Drawing Hands”.

At times channeling Woody Allen and Wong Kar-wai by way of Lewis Carroll, first-time auteur Lee Kwang-kuk crafts a series of deceptively simple, entertaining scenes into a fascinating labyrinth of a film about death-defying/embracing storytelling worthy of a modern-day Scheherazade.

Perfectly realized scenes and precise video cinematography combine with a spare original score to produce an effect that will not let the viewer go, long after the credits roll.

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