Sequachee Valley News – June 10, 1915 – Selected Items


Where the Sweet Sequatchie Flows.

There’s a little woodland river,
Flowing through a land of dreams;
Where the pearl-pink laurel blushes,
And the golden sunlight gleams;
Through a little valley glowing
With the sumac and the rose;
Just a little laughing valley
Where the sweet Sequatchie flows.

Where the warm hills life their faces
To the roving Southern breeze,
As it coquets, laughs and dallies
With the drowsy, listening trees;
Dimpling down the dusky twilight
Of the fragrant summer’s close,

In the deep hills’ heart forever
Still it softly winds along,
Just a little loving river
With a pleading, plaintive song
Of the sumac and the laurel,
Of the sweet old Southern rose,
In that peaceful little valley
Where the sweet Sequatchie flows.

W. A. D., in Nashville Bauner [sic].


Whitwell, Tenn., June 7.— Winn Condra shot Bennett Layne through the fleshy part of the leg at Cedar Spring Tuesday evening of last week. The shooting was done with a revolver with which Condra had been in the woods shooting at squirrels. He had the one cartridge in the weapon when the trouble arose. From the best reports obtainable the two men quarreled at a cream supper as a result of a joke. Layne was with a young lady, and Condra who was treating every young lady with cream, came up to them and asked her if she would have some, jokingly saying that “Layne would not treat the girls.” This angered Layne, and when the two met at the store at Cedar Spring, there was some discussion over the matter, which ended in the shooting of Layne by Condra. The wound was not serious though painful. Sheriff Hudson, of Whitwell, arrested Condra Friday, but he secured bond.

Looneys’ Creek.

Special to the News.
Visiting seems to be the order of the day.

  • Miss Annie Hicks visited Mrs. F. A. Yochem last Friday.
  • Miss Eva Barber, of Whitwell, spent Saturday night and Sunday with her cousin, Miss Lena Barber.
  • Mrs. G. F. Holloway visited her parents in Chattanooga from Wednesday until Saturday of last week.
  • Leonard Kilgore, of Victoria, spent Saturday night and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Oscar Tate.
  • Miss Corinne Teague returned home from Bradley County, where she has been visiting. She was accompanied home by Miss Lottie Carleton.
  • Misses Corinne and Bertha Teague, Lottie Carleton, Cora Coffelt, Flora, Amanda and Myrtle Holloway, Messrs. Albert and Edly Condra, Kelly Bailey, Looney and Ernest Holloway, Kay and Fletcher Hudson went to hear Miss Anna Gallimore, a missionary from India, lecture. She sure made a fine lecture.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leon Walker, of Jasper, spent Sunday at J. M. Coffelt’s. They came up in their Hupmobile. They were accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Thompson.
  • T. H. Richie, of Stanley, spent Sunday night at G. F. Holloway’s. He was on his way to Jasper.
  • Will Webb, of Whitwell, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Tate and Leonard Kilgore went automobile riding Saturday night.
  • Mrs. J. Thomas and little son, Ralph, spent Sunday and J. M. Coffelt’s.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderegg and children, of Whitwell, spent Sunday at Tobe Tipton’s.
  • Kay and Fletcher Hudson spent Sunday afternoon at J. E. Teague’s.
  • Misses Lottie Carleton, Bertha and Corinne Teague were out horseback riding Saturday.
  • G. F. and J. E. Holoway, J. E. Teague and J. H. Hudson, J. B. Tygart and Joe Hicks attended the Dixie Highway meeting at Jasper Monday.
  • F. A. Yochem is on the sick list this week.
  • Mabel Barker and brother, Dave, spent Sunday with Lena and Raymond Barber Sunday.
  • Allen Holloway took dinner with Sam and Frank Holloway Sunday.
  • Jo Teague spent Sunday with Lena Barber.
  • Clyde Coffelt visited Myrtle Holoway from Thursday until Saturday.
  • Jo Teague made a short call on Nellie Coffelt Thursday.

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