Sequachee Valley News – March 3, 1904



Special to the News.

The welcome News comes every Saturday morning, full of news from every place. We read it with such interest and delight so much in reading all of our correspondents letters. It don’t make me frown to read any letters in the News, for I enjoy reading them all. I wish the News great success this year and all its writers. I wish I had some thing more interesting to write about than I have been writing about.

Was sorry to hear of cousin Dr. Hall of Pikeville, being so low with the grip. We fear we shall hear of his death in the next issue of the News.

Mrs. Addio Ridge is still the guest of her mother. Mrs. Smith is somewhat improved at this time. Hope she will soon recover.

M. E. Deakins is somewhat better from a fall he got while in Chattanooga a few days ago. He received severe injuries.

Measles are still raging around here.

James Hartman is recovering from the measles. They did not hurt him much.

O how glad I will be to see sweet spring come again.

Am glad to say that Mr. Cunningham is some better this week.

Mrs. Janey Hartman will give her friends a birthday dinner Friday. She gave ye writer a welcome invitation to take dinner with her that day. She will be 38 years old on that day.

Frank Barker of Dunlap, has had to leave his store on account of an attack of the measles. His brothers, Flayius and Floyd, have not had them yet.

Cousin David Deakins, of Looney’s Creek, gave us a pleasant call Thursday. We are always glad to see him.

I note that several are hitting at me sharply. I am a woman and don’t want to hurt any one’s feelings. Whatever I have said in my correspondence to the News was said in a friendly way not thinking that some smart Elic would try to insult me about the matter, or otherwise take my correspondence in any other spirit that what it was intended.

M. E. G.

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