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Sequachee Valley News – November 16, 1905 – Selected Items




The situation at Whitwell, as near as we can make out from the many reports prevalent and the multiplicity of dispatches sent to the dailies, is this:

A court of inquiry has been instituted, presided over by S. L. Havron, and composed of jurors J. R. Pickett, John Moore, John Andees, John Bailer, M. C. Pryor, W. L. Beaver and J. L. Beech, and citizens have been summoned to testify before the court. In the testimony it was asserted that high pressure (steel jacket) rifles had been received by Pat Cary, a District Board Member, U. M. W. of A. and the whole effort of the court has been to find out the whereabouts of those rifles if sent, and what the parties in whose possession they were said to be were doing on the night of the murder of Clark Roberson. Various testimony was received, and Saturday, J. W. Morrison, deputy sheriff and Lieut. Bass arrested Mat Griffith, President of the local organization; Pat Cary, J. W. Arledge, John Looney, Taylor Shadrick, Geo. Young, Sam Queer, Eugene Henson, Jno. Henson, Ash Rawlings, J. W. Mosier, J. H. Hooper, Dan Farmer, Bud Smith, Geo. Bailey, Ben Farmer and Rollie Coppinger, all white and Richard Pryor, Willie Wade and Ed Walker, colored.

They were taken to the camp under guard, and subjected to searching examination, which ended in the releasing of all except Cary, Coppinger, Ben Farmer, and Shadrick, who are held for examination before the grand jury. The mixed testimony of Shadrick and Farmer in regard to going to Gary’s home on the night of the shooting is the ground for holding them as well as the fact that Coppinger was with them at Walker’s store on the same night.

Monday Sheriff Harris appointed Col. Fyffe, chief deputy, and J. W. Morrison and G. W. Jordan, assistant deputies, which greatly assisted in restoring quiet, for the union miners were beginning to feel that an attack as being made on their organization alone, and they are just as eager to have the blame laid on the guilty parties as anyone.


Latter Will Be Taken Before Coroner To Testify Relative to Whitwell Trouble.

WHITWELL, Tenn., Nov. 14.—A detail of soldiers will be sent to Tracy City to-morrow after witnesses to testify before Coronor’s [sic] jury, evidence before the jury tending to corroborate the rumor that armed miners from Tracy City were in Whitwell at the time of the shooting of Robertson [sic].

The jury held no session to-day. Pat Carey, Ben Farmer, Taylor Shadrick and Rollie Coppinger, who have been held for examination have been released on bonds of $500 each.

The soldiers continue to bring in witnesses from the mountains, five being brought in to-day. The detail ordered to Tracy City will go across the mountains, the distance being eighteen miles.


Special to the News.

  • Sunday school is progressing nicely.
  • We are having fine weather now.
  • J. H. Hudson is through sowing wheat.
  • A. B. Holland attended Sunday school Sunday.
  • The party given by Miss Josie Ridge Saturday night in honor of Miss Stella Vandergriff, was highly enjoyed.
    Dr. Geo. Brock and Miss May Ridge were out driving Sunday eve.
  • Warner Brimer spent Saturday night at Whitwell.
  • Early Barker passed through this vicinity Sunday on the sick list.
  • Miss Martha Easterly spent Saturday night with Miss Charlcie Brimer.
  • The singing at Hick’s Chapel was well attended Sunday eve.
  • Jim Deakins and Miss Ella Hudson took a flying trip to Whitwell Saturday. Likewise A. B. Holland.
  • Miss Bertha Burnett looked sad Sunday.
  • L. B. Brimer and Lucretia Pickett were out driving Sunday.
  • John Barker’s barn was burned Sunday night.
  • A. B. Holland is painting his buggy. Lookout, he is fixing to take drives.
  • Lee Smith is drumming for the Bonds-Powell Fertilizer Co. He will deliver one sack to anybody who wants a sample.
  • We are glad to note that Charlie Bridges is the finest workman around this place. Wash Holland had him put in a grate which was well done.
  • Miss Alice Davidson of Cedar Spring is spending a few wees [sic] with her cousin, Miss Charlcie Brimer.
  • Misses Hallie and Lou Hudson took dinner with Miss Charlcie Brimer Sunday.
  • W. H. Higgins, of Hollow Pole, Tenn., spent Saturday night with L. B. Brimer.
  • I guess if Peter Haunch, of New Hope, still wants to give that widow a bunch of peach tree blossoms he can find them at Joe Teague’s.
  • Ask Geo. Thorp how he likes to talk to the girls.
  • Andy Holloway, of Looney’s Creek passed through this vicinity Sunday en route to W. H. White’s.
  • Harrison Pickett made googoo eyes at Hick’s Chapel Sunday.
  • Jackson Brimer and Frank Hudson were distributing circulars for the fertilizer company Saturday of last week.
  • Hello, Red Bird, just come over and get a square meal. We have bacon and beans and cabbage three times a day and that is hard to beat.
  • Ben Thorp is anticipating moving to Whitwell.
  • Joe Hackworth and his best girl passed through this vicinity Sunday.
  • Hope this will be interesting to the readers for I don’t know of anything to write but hope to hear from all the good writers through the News this week.


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