Yoga in Diabetes


Kutty BM, Raju TR. New vistas in treating diabetes–insight into a holistic approach. Indian J Med Res. 2010 May;131:606-7. PubMed PMID: 20516530.

Kutty and Raju, researchers in the Department of Neurophysiology at the National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences in Bangalore, note that in India, presently about 30 million people are diabetic which will rise to about 60 million by 2017.

They undertook a meta-analysis of studies of yoga and meditation in the treatment of diabetes, with the following conclusion:

Practice of yoga and meditation is known to induce hypometabolic state with parasympathetic predominance, suggesting that yogic practices per se would create a conducive internal atmosphere from the cellular to system level. This would help to manage the stress and anxiety effectively in addition to its positive regulatory role on other systems. Considering its health there is a need to integrate yoga in the conventional treatment regimen as an adjunct/add on therapy for an effective treatment of DM. This paper provides a convincing evidence for the effectiveness of combination therapy over conventional treatment in enhancing cognitive functions in diabetes. More studies need to be carried out along this line, in order to increase awareness among public.

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